Fun times in the sky

March 13, 2018

Our pilot had to cancel our circle island and crater tour due to a thick fog cloud. Luckily, to the west, it looked clear, so we took a tour of Maui cliffs and Molokai. Queued the Jurassic Park music, threaded the needle on the way back, we had a blast. We got a flash drive with a video of the whole flight, so save your phone storage for non video things. The desk staff also gave some great tips on where to go and what to do next. Thanks guys.

- Justyn K

We love Air Maui

March 13, 2018

The crew worked with me so I could take my daughter, granddaughter and grandson with my husband and I on a Helicopter ride. My grandson has been wanting this for three years. It was amazing. Our pilot Troy was kind and informative.

- tlw50000

March 12, 2018

I HIGHLY recommend this company. (But first things first, they ask you when booking over the phone and on their website to WEAR DARK CLOTHING, so there's little reflection off the glass windows, which could obstruct someone's view and end up in pictures. So please follow instructions and wear black or navy!!) The nicest staff you will ever meet, the most train and expert pilots, the best experience! We flew with Captain Richie, and he made our flight so wonderful. We payed extra to guarantee the front seats and worked really hard to lose weight in order to meet the weight requirement of sitting in the front, and we did it! Captain Richie is the Chief Pilot and is army trained. Request him.

- Tiesha C.

Thank you Hugo!

March 12, 2018

I have been on other helicopters before but this was my favorite! Hugo was an excellent pilot with tons of knowledge and a great sense of humor. I loved the music he played as we toured the whole island. The helicopter was very comfortable. Wear dark colors to reduce reflections when taking photos.

- j L

Great tour

March 11, 2018

Dylan was the pilot and was great! The trip was more than I could have hoped for and I'm glad we purchased the video. Well worth the money. I would fly with this company any time. Another item checked off my bucket list!

- bistacoma

Amazing no door helicopter tour

March 11, 2018

My family and I took a no door helicopter tour. The views were amazing! The staff and pilot exhibited great service and professionalism from the moment we walked in the door until we departed our helicopter. Even though I attempted taking pics with my iPhone, our pilot Troy captured everything that we saw on video. The music track perfectly accompanied the video. I highly recommend Air Maui!

- Brenda C


March 9, 2018

Great service, friendly and knowledgeable pilot, the flight was simply awesome, highly recommend! If you have never done this you absolutely need to, the scenery and views cannot be seen any other way. My wife was nervous before and gets travel sickness and this did not bother her at all, she enjoyed it!

- rrrprt12

March 7, 2018

This was such an incredible experience, I have always thought that helicopter tours we're very expensive and not worth the money. But this tour really proved me wrong, the staff were very friendly and courteous and our pilot was extraordinary! The island itself is beautiful, and there's parts of the islands that you really can't capture the breadth of unless you're in the air. I'm sure other helicopter tour guides or similar in the sense that the natural beauty is not really helicopter or tour dependent. With that being said we were able to see some whales on our rendezvous back -- it was truly an extraordinary experience to see whales from the air. We really lucked out and finding this trip through a tour broker. The setup inside the building was very nice and efficient. One reminder is that the parking outside is not free but is considered Airport parking so the rates are premium. Just be mindful of that when you go! Otherwise great experience and great staff.

- Subashis P.

Fun filled ride

March 7, 2018

It was a beautiful ride and the pilot was friendly and knowledgeable. The staff was great. Had no issues.

- Sharjil A

Hovering in Style

March 7, 2018

Absolutely enjoyed my experience with Air Maui. From setting up reservations to stepping out of the helicopter, the service was top notch. Pay for parking at the entrance of the lot. Bring cash for any extras like tips for the pilot or the video/picture. Views were spectacular. Music selection was very fitting and made the experience even more enjoyable. No regrets on this decision.

- Charles E