Breathtaking Experience

April 28, 2015

Our Air Maui flight was the highlight of our vacation. We saw all of Maui, including so many places that are only accessible by helicopter. The views were spectacular. Everyone on board was given a clear view of all of the sites we visited. Troy was our pilot, and his excellent flying skills, knowledgeable narration and inspired music selection all contributed to our enjoyment of this incredible experience. Everyone we met at Air Maui was professional, friendly and helpful. This is a first class operation in every way.


Best way to see Moloka'i

April 27, 2015

We flew with Janine of Air Maui over West Maui and Moloka'i which was fabulous. There's no better way to see the island of Moloka'i since the mountains and coastline are rugged and inaccessible. The views are spectacular, especially the waterfalls. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity.

- kansasphotogal

Great Ride

April 26, 2015

I was a little worried about the experience. I had never been in a helicopter before but I had a great time and I enjoyed the ride. Was able to see a lot from the sky and it wasn't scary. They went through all of the necessary safety steps too. As soon as our ride ended I was ready to hop back on another helicopter.

- matac76

Awesome Experience

April 24, 2015

My husband and I recently went to Maui to celebrate our 15th anniversary. I surprised him with the west Maui/Molokai 60 minute tour and it was nothing short of spectacular! The view and scenery were amazing and our pilot was very informed and shared a lot of great info. We would recommend Air Maui to anyone looking for a fantastic helicopter tour!

- AmyMont

April 23, 2015

Air Maui is amazing! The sunset dinner flight was so much fun!! The flight itself was incredible- Pilot Troy was the best. But the dinner at a private location topped it all off! I highly recommend this company and this flight.

- Loren S.

A real treat

April 23, 2015

The full island flight was a real highlight of a wonderful vacation. While it's a given that the scenery is unbelievable it is not so certain that a helicopter flight will be comfortable and the pilot will be so attentive to make sure everybody gets a great view. Yet our ride was wonderful, the vistas beautiful and the service of the pilot was exemplary.

- Trk9

It was amazing!

April 22, 2015

Loved this tour! It’s so cool to see parts of the islands that you cannot get to by car. We did the 45 min West Maui/Molokai tour. I was nervous about this, but ended up not being scary at all. The guide was great and gave us all kinds of information about what we were seeing.

- LisaB0608


April 21, 2015

Great experience on the West Maui/Molokai flight, plenty of room with only 4 passengers in the flight. Dylan was our pilot and he did a fantastic job in ensuring our safety and comfort as well as providing us with his knowledgeable commentary throughout the flight. The sights were just amazing and the temperamental weather even played ball. Can't recommend this experience highly enough.

- Byrnedc

Amazing experience!

April 19, 2015

We flew April 18, 2015..... I was a very nervous flyer, panic attack/tight spaces, no escape kinda person...Not so much the motion sickness kind...I did take an Lorazepam before getting on board...RESULT??? I would fly again tomorrow and the day after and so and so on! The crew (ground crew and pilot) were professional throughout!! Troy was our Pilot, great guy, just the right amount of humor, relaxed me enough but still felt he was taking his job seriously :) I was sat beside the window, which I was very nervous about but it was the best seat! I felt secure and comfortable. There was enough metal around me still to feel that sense of security , while still LOTS of window space for viewing...Troy took the time to ask a few times throughout the trip, if everyone was doing okay...Nice to know he was concerned :) The trip itself was fantastic; you don’t get the sense of speed when you are up there. At one point he mentioned we were doing about 130 miles per felt more like 30!!! The views are top notch!! Waterfalls, cliff's rocky ocean fronts, the sort of thing you can only see by air. My only disappointment, no whale was spotted, but it's getting late in the season so I really wasn't expecting to see one on this trip. Next time! This is out third trip to Maui, our 1st heli tour, and we plan on coming back and doing this again, Thanks AIR MAUI.... A highlight of our trip, without a doubt!

- deborahb62


April 17, 2015

I have been on many helicopters for transportation to and from work and I can truthfully say the female pilot we had was probably the best helicopter pilot I have flown with. She made sure that no one missed a thing by what she called sharing the view and with her exceptional narration. The 45 minute tour had my wife and I captivated the whole time and the views were incredible. It is truly a treat to see parts of the islands that have had little to no human influence upon them. Kudos to our female pilot and Air Maui. Thank you for an incredible experience.

- Kilroyaswell