Beautiful, Smooth and Totally Cool

First off, I can’t agree with anyone that complains about the staff there at Air Maui. Outgoing, pleasant and fun to talk to. I thought they were great. You need to be a realist going into what is an extremely complicated evolution impacted by many moving parts. If you book the tour online, it’s probably a good idea to double check the dates and times of your booking for accuracy. If you look at the sky over the heliport and think to yourself “I wonder if we’ll be taking off today?” it may be a good idea to check in if Air Maui hasn’t done so already. The Air Maui staff goes to great lengths to communicate with customers and make the tour happen. I have never used any of the other helicopter tours on Maui but I was very impressed with Air Maui. We had some time to kill prior to the flight so we got to talking to the girls at the desk about the area and what we could do to fill the time before our Luau later that day. They took the time to get out a map and point out a few places that would work well including Iao Valley. So nice to us! I bought my Maui Jim sunglasses there too! It was a really good trip. The pilot didn’t talk as much as I thought he might but you know what, not a big deal, He hit the high points and I’m sure some people would rather they talk less and just enjoy the view. The flight was smooth even when we flew through a little rain. Molokai was just so impressive! The cliffs, the waterfalls, the pristine valleys. It was a closed door tour. 45 minutes in the air was just about right for my wife and I. 60 minutes may have been a little too long. We didn’t take any motion sickness medicine but probably should have. It’s not that the flight was rough, we get motion sickness quite easily. Just something to think about to ensure the tour goes well for you. Thank you Air Maui! You guys are a great piece to ANY Maui vacation. 

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