Lovely west island and Molokai tour

Captain Kirk with masterly flight technique took us around the West Island of Maui, into the lush valleys to see the waterfalls and the peaks. It was a thrilling experience. Then we traversed the sea to Molokai and flew over the entire island, going into valleys, cliffs. We saw the the beautiful coral reefs, the leper colony and the small and isolated dwellings. He told us the story of the people of Hawai’i’s migration from the Marquise islands and how they arrived after a harrowing journey on the island of Maui. He told us about his arrival nearly 30 years ago on a 3 month temporary job and how he was compelled to stay. He told us about the significance of mana among the Hawaiians. All this during just an awesome flight. Captain Kirk is clearly spellbound and love his work; he is attentive to his passengers, knows when to capture their attention, to alleviate fears and uneasiness. Would highly recommend this tour even for seasoned travelers. Very enjoyable, even for those scared of heights and of flight turbulences. His navigation was so smooth and seemed effortless. The personnel on the ground was kind and attentive. They called to confirm the flight, to let us know that the flight conditions had changed, proposing this alternate route, which in our view was a much more valuable experience! All around 10/10! 

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