Our Favorite Experience in Maui! Will fly with Air Maui again!

First I just want to tell others: SIT ON THE LEFT SIDE! They say it doesn’t matter which side you sit on but the pilot tended to show the people on the left side all of the good stuff for a long period of time and then would show us people on the right side the feature (waterfall, cliff, etc) for just a split second – hardly enough time to capture even 2 pictures – before flying off. I wish we would have been seated on the left side or that the pilot would have given us people on the right side more than a couple of seconds of each feature. I don’t mean that to sound negative, just letting other people know so that if they read this, they know to ask to be seated on the left side (not sure if they would even let you pick since they try to distribute the weight evenly).

That being said though: Ultimately it was an amazing experience! In fact, this was our absolute favorite experience we had during our stay in Maui! I love that they had a doors-off option. DEFINITELY do the doors off version! Once you go doors-off, you never go doors-on again! It was SO much better than having doors.

Also props to the staff for being some of the most friendly staff we experienced while in Maui, and that’s saying a lot! These people were really great and made sure we had a great experience from start to finish. I can HIGHLY recommend flying with Air Maui and we will definitely fly with them again on our next visit! 

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