Air Maui's Guide to Beaches

Best Maui Beaches

One thing that Maui is famous for is our beautiful beaches. With so many wonderful ones to visit, how can you know which ones to go to? Our employees, many who were born and raised on Maui, share their favorite beaches and tell you why they are not to be missed!

North Shore Baby Beach

Located near Paia in Spreckelsville, Baby Beach is a great place for families. Protected by a strip of reef, the waters here are calm, perfect for babies and young children. If the trade winds are strong, this beach can be unpleasant, so it is best to go in the morning or on a calm day.
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Kalepolepo Beach

In North Kihei next to the whale sanctuary, Kalepolepo beach is a calm beach that is really shallow for kids to play. The waves are really small so kids can play here. Showers are close by with a grassy area and a couple picnic tables as well, to have a snack after rinsing off.
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Keawakapu Beach

Keawakapu beach is in south Kihei. On the far right of the beach, next to the Mana Kai resort, there are a bunch of tide pools to explore. This is also a great walking and snorkeling beach as there are usually turtles and fish to see just a few feet into the water. There are also showers to rinse off.
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Big Beach

The best postcard beach on Maui is Big Beach down in Makena. It is a huge white sand beach that is 2/3 of a mile long and just beautiful. The ocean water here feels so crisp and refreshing. That said this is one of the most dangerous beaches on Maui due to the strong shore break (lots of neck and back injuries) so you might want to go to this beach to take a walk or just to take in the views at sunset.
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Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay is an amazing beach for snorkeling or just relaxing in the sun on the West side. You will definitely see tons of fish here such as trumpet fish, angelfish and Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Hawaii’s state fish), and often there are even sea turtles here. There are also nice restrooms and showers available.
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Hamoa Bay

If you are spending any time in Hana, you should definitely visit Hamoa Bay. This beach has beautiful turquois water and soft sand. It is not often crowded and there are bathrooms as well as trees for shade. There are also nice waves for body surfing and playing in the water. There is definitely a reason why this beach has been voted one of the best beaches in the world. Bring some snacks and stay all day!
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Air Maui Beaches

Want to see some of these amazing beaches from the air? Enjoy an amazing tour with Air Maui. We offer many different tours, including a Complete Island tour, which allows you to experience the island in a truly unique way. A great way to start off your visit to Maui, you can orient yourself to the different parts of the island, scope out beaches to visit, and also see many locations that are inaccessible in any way but from the air! Here is what our guests have to say about their experiences:

“Beautiful views of the rainforest, a Double full-circle rainbow below us, the mist, light rain and following the beautiful Maui coastline along the Hana Highway with waterfalls, the seven sacred pools, black and red beaches, famous getaways, Hana airport and the Ocean! Definitely the highlight of our Maui experience!” - Noel M

“The mountains, the views, the beaches, places you would never see otherwise as they are unable to be accessed by road or foot. Such contrasts between the different sides of the island and so amazing to see.” - Heather K

“Our family enjoyed the most amazing helicopter ride with Air Maui!! We have been to the island at least four times and this is by far the best experience we have had! It felt like a history lesson plus an amazing tour of black sand beaches, stunning waterfalls and a glimpse of the terrain otherwise unavailable. You MUST experience!” - Cheryl A

“All I really need to say about this tour with Air Maui is WOW! We saw waterfalls, lush forests, amazing beaches and coves and flew over our strip of resorts at Kaanapali Beach. You will see things that you could never see by foot or even have access to. Images and memories to stick in your head forever.” - froaction

Air Maui Beach
Air Maui Beach From Air

Interested in seeing Maui beaches from above? Please book online through the tours page or feel free to call 808-877-7005 if you have any questions. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!