Molokai’s Gorgeous Sea Cliffs

There are many beautiful sights that can be seen on the various helicopter tours that Air Maui offers, from Haleakala’s moon-like crater, to the majestic West Maui Mountains, to cascading waterfalls, to sandy beaches and tropical rainforests.

Another awe-inspiring sight that does not disappoint is the sea cliffs of Molokai. These cliffs are not to be missed, and you cannot drive to see them as there are no roads that lead to the north side. These sea cliffs are the tallest in the world, reaching between 3,600 and 3,900 feet above the ocean. There are very few ways to see these towering cliffs, and none as amazing as viewing them from the air.

Molokai Sea Cliffs
Molokai Sea Cliffs Helicopter Tour

Here is what some guests have to say about experiencing Molokai’s gorgeous sea cliffs from a helicopter on our West Maui/Molokai Tour:

Here are some more interesting facts about Molokai’s sea cliffs:

  • The sea cliffs are part of Kalaupapa National Historical Park which used to be an isolated settlement where people suffering from Hanse’s disease were forced into isolation during the late 1800s.
  • The sea cliffs were created through sea water eroding away at the base of Makanalua Penninsula, causing it to fall away into the sea.
  • There are many beautiful waterfalls visible within the sea cliffs.
  • Herds of goats make their home on the sea cliffs and can often be seen from the helicopter.
  • The sea cliffs are part of Molokai’s 88 miles of pristine, undeveloped coastline.
Helicopter Tour Molokai

“This was our first helicopter experience and man was it a good one! We had an absolute blast checking out Molokai's famous sea cliffs. The views from the helicopter are absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend this first class excursion.” - Robert P

“If you want to see the Molokai Sea Cliffs, a helicopter tour is the way to go.” - tag302

“Flying up the narrow valleys, hovering seemingly only a few feet from crashing waterfalls across the mountains then over the straight to Molokai for an up close view of the valleys and 3,000 foot sea cliffs. Dylan is a great pilot who clearly loves flying.” - Brownbo

“What an experience! We flew into deep, lush valleys and saw waterfalls cascading down 3,000 foot tall sea cliffs. The scenery was so beautiful it hardly seemed real.” - Kristin575

“My boyfriend and I had an excellent experience I have lived in West Maui for 12 years and it was awesome to see the island from a different perspective!! Molokai is so massive from up above and the sea cliffs were amazing.” - aimee632

“We signed up for the 45 minute west Maui tour/Molokai and it was AMAZING! Our pilot was very informative and funny! The scenery was breathtaking and we were able to see places that we would have never seen on land. Waterfalls and Sea Cliffs were the highlights.” - PKRBKR2014

Maui HelicopterTour Molokai Sea Cliffs

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