Air Maui offers several different tour options from complete island tour of Maui to West Maui and Molokai tour to an oceanfront landing cliffside landing tour!

Best Romantic Restaurants


Maui is home to so many romantic restaurants with delicious menu items and beautiful views. If you are looking to treat your valentine to a special dinner this year, check out some of the most romantic and highly rated restaurants throughout Maui. And don’t forget to make reservations early, as many of these options will fill up early!


Winter season is here! If you like the sun and warm days, hawaii is the place you are looking for. Known as the rainbow state, you can enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze any time of the year. And here in Maui you can enjoy it while engaging in some awesome activity available throughout the island. Come check some of the amazing thing to do around here during the winter season! Whale Watch Typically, the first humpback whale is seen in late September or early October with peak whale season running from December to March, during the Winter. These majestic creatures migrate to Hawaii every year from the cold waters of Alaska to breed, birth their babies, and raise their young. You can catch a sighting of humpback whales breaching from the shoreline or book various whale watching tours to get a close-up from a boat. If you are lucky, you may also catch a sighting of humpback whales from the air on your Air Maui helicopter tour, which provides a really unique and interesting vantage point! Surf The north shore areas of Kanaha and Paʻia in the winter have the most spectacular big waves and wind from the storms in the north pacific. These storms produce our big swells in the winter months. East Maui catches these big swells along the road to Hana including trade wind showers which produce rain throughout the year. This is why the ancient Hawaiians had over 200 names for rain! It’s also the reason there’s such an amazing and ancient rainforest on this side of the island. Haleakala Haleakala Crater is one of the most unique and beautiful landscapes of Maui. It is surreal to behold the moon-like landscape that is such a great contrast to the beaches and lush rainforests that cover such a large portion of the island. The cinder cone formations and shades of red and orange sand are particularly striking when seen from the air. Nakalele Blowhole A blowhole is a rare natural occurrence where water pressure from waves creates a geyser of water that shoots up into the air. This happens every couple of minutes and, depending on the tides and surf, water can shoot up into the air over 50 feet at Nakalele Blowhole (which means you can see it from the air!) If you are close enough, you can feel the ground rumble and you will hear a blast as the water shoots into the air, but if you decide to take the hike out, remember to stay back as blowholes can be dangerous! Maui is one of the top destinations in the world and a seeing it from the air is truly amazing, any season of the year. The experience of a helicopter tour will be unique and unforgettable! Here is what some of our guests have to say about their experiences: “Can’t say enough great things about the trip, itinerary and pilot. Did this as a solo trip (wasn’t my partners thing)..felt fine doing as a solo female. saw whales!” – bethcarlson6 “Best decision ever! Even though our 1st chopper ride, we chose the “doors off” option and never looked back. Fantastic experience and even better photos, plus a lifetime of memories! We took the Maui & Molokai tour. 45 minutes of pure joy. Our pilot (OPS MGR) was the best, making everyone feel at ease. He also took the time to vector over some whales and other sights during the ride. Hope to do it again soon but the 1st time is the best! Mahalo!” – Harry G “We had the most amazing experience, the pilot we had was so great, he was very personable and jovial, new all our names with in minutes of the flight. He had been flying for 40 years and was very relaxed behind the controls, extremely knowledgeable of the area and offered many stories along the way.” – Gene M “We wanted to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday with something special and memorable. It was our first time on a helicopter and were 100% NOT disappointed. The scenery is beautiful and can bring tears to your eyes. Brodie was our pilot and would highly recommend him. Very informative with culture and scenery…and ladies, he’s CUTE!! The oceanfront landing is a great spot for pictures with the scenery and the helicopter.” – staples_travelers Interested in flying with Air Maui? Please book online through the tours page or feel free to call 808-877-7005 if you have any questions. We would be happy to help you!


Did you know that you can experience any of our amazing tours for just $100? That’s right! We offer a single seat special if you book a single seat on any of our tours with available seats within 48 hours of the flight. This is a great opportunity for solo travelers or those of you who live on island! You can call us at (808) 877-7005 for availability, or follow us on twitter to get updates when seats are available at Here are some of the great tours we offer that you can experience for just $100! Complete Island Tour Air Maui’s Complete Island Tour is a great way to see experience the island of Maui in a way unlike any other. You will get to see Haleakala Crater and the other amazing sights of east Maui, as well as the beautiful valleys and ridges of the West Maui Mountains. This tour gives you a really unique perspective of Maui and is a great tour for those who live on Maui and would like to explore this beautiful island from the air or travelers who have just arrived and would like to get acquainted with the island. West Maui & Molokai Tour The West Maui & Molokai Tour is an amazing way to see the beauty of the West Maui as well as the gorgeous sea cliffs and awe inspiring waterfalls of Molokai. If you are looking for a chance to learn more about the fascinating history and landscape of Molokai, this is the flight for you. Many of the views you will see are not accessible from land, including waterfalls over 1,000 feet and the tallest sea cliffs in the world. This is a tour you can’t miss! Hana/Haleakala Tour See the contrasts of East Maui on this amazing tour. Haleakala’s moonlike terrain is beautiful to see from above, with its cinder cone formations of red and orange. The gorgeous rainforests of Hana, on the windward side of Haleakala, are lush and green, flowing with beautiful waterfalls. Avoid the drives to these two tourist hotspots and enjoy them from the air! Below are some comments from our guests who have taken advantage of this spectacular deal. If you aren’t convinced, read what they have to say about the experience! “Captain Kirk was amazing. Gorgeous flight, safe and my ladies had so much fun. Saw some whales too! Highly recommend” – Eric C “An enjoyable activity! Rick, our pilot, was fantastic with the information that he shared throughout the ride. The experience was incredible, and there is so much to see from the air. You not only get to see things only visible by air, but you also learn a lot about Hawaiian culture and history. Rick would share different interesting tidbits about the culture and history.” – Steven M “The doors off helicopter tour was easily the highlight of our vacation! We paid the extra $50 each and reserved the front seats, which was well worth it. Vince, our pilot was an amazing guide. It was beautiful, exhilarating, informative, and then some. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for an unforgettable experience!” – Audrey J “Very beautiful view of Maui! It was inspiring to see the rainforest and waterfalls. Kameron was very knowledgeable and shared his love of the island. The ride was was also very smooth.” – Jacqueline N A helicopter tour of Maui makes a great gift for that person in your life who has everything. Book online through our tours page or call us at (808) 877-7005 if you have any questions!


If you are planning to be in Maui for this holiday season and scape the freezing weather, Maui is the perfect place to do it! With lots of fun holiday events such as visiting Santa, see the lights, eat some yummy holiday food, or build your very own sand snowman! Check out some of the events happening around the island below. Pictures with Santa If your kids would like to get pictures with Santa there are several options around Maui. Queen Kaahumanu Center, Maui Mall, the Lahaina Cannery Mall, and the Shops at Wailea are all having visits from Santa at various times throughout December. Check out their websites for dates and times and other seasonal events and information. Nāpua Greig Special Lower Valley Performance Area, at The Shops at Wailea will host a special performance of maui’s star Nāpua Greig and her award winning Halau, December 23th, starting 5:30pm. Nāpua is one of the great female voices of Maui and winner of many prizes along the years. Check the website for more details Lahaina Banyan Tree The Lahaina Banyan Tree, which is over 150 years old, is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights from until the end of December. There will also be various activities throughout December in the area such as holiday music, cookie decorating, snow play, and wreath making. Check out the website for more information. Christmas 5K Run & Santa’s Half Mile Keiki Dash On December 18th at 7:30am join in the fun for a 5K run, 1 mile walk, or Santa’s Half Mile Keiki Dash! The keiki run is for children 8 years and under. WILLIE NELSON & FAMILY in Hawaii Maui’s favorite country music star is back at the MACC for a performance with Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real and Particle Kid (Micah Nelson). Don’t miss this bonafide family affair at the A&B Amphitheater.! A Kanekoa Christmas Join the Maui ukulele legends, Kanekoa, and Kathy “Tita” Collins for a holiday ride you will never forget: ‘Twas Da Night Befo’ Christmas’. Enjoy Christmas classics with some original Kanekoa tunes thrown in. Air Maui is closed Christmas Day, but we are open for the rest of the holiday season! This is the perfect time of the year for a helicopter flight. Because it is rainy season, the waterfalls are extra spectacular, and you may even see whales from the air! Here’s what some of our guests have to say about their experiences: ““Fantastic experience that left us stunt by these beautiful islands. Cameron was a fantastic tour guide and pilot that shared his passion for the island and allowed us to see hidden gems only accessible by air. This was the highlight of our holidays in Maui and made us wanting to come back. A final word to also thank the whole Air Maui staff for their excellent service and facility.” – Nicolas W “This was on my bucket list and I FINALLY got to check it off!!! The tour was full of breathtaking views and I did not want it to end!! It was everything I hoped for!!!” – Karen D “AMAZING! Brodi was an amazing pilot and guide. So knowledgeable on the islands, history and landmarks. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was a little nervous, but once we lifted off, we felt so safe and secure! Doors off and front seats is the way to go!!!! Worth every penny. Thanks for an amazing flight, Brodi!” – Sarah Y “This helicopter ride was the highlight of my trip to Maui! No explanation or pictures could do it justice. Our pilot was friendly and informative, and he took us to see some awesome things that I’ll never forget (waterfalls, cliffs, a coral reef, etc.).” – Tarah W A helicopter tour of Maui makes a great gift for that person in your life who has everything. Book online through our tours page or call us at (808) 877-7005 if you have any questions!


Helicopter Safety, 2022 FRIDAY, December 1, 2022 2:41:00 AM Did you know that fear of heights, also known as acrophobia, is the fifth top phobia in the United States? According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 10% of Americans suffer from acrophobia. Because of this, many people may be afraid to take a helicopter tour. What you may not know is that flying with Air Kauai is one of the safest things that you can do on Kauai! With over 25 years of experience and a perfect safety record, they use state of the art helicopters, employ the best pilots (many of whom are military trained), and have the best mechanics who are FAA-certified and factory-trained. That makes an Air Maui helicopter tour statistically safer than: Air Maui prides itself on providing the best experience for its guests. Part of this experience is putting everyone at ease by providing a safe and professional ride without sacrificing an awe-inspiriting, exhilarating, once-in-a-life-time tour. Here is what some guests have to say about their time with Air Maui. “The scenery was gorgeous and breathtaking! The pilot was friendly and informative. We loved the up close views of these remote beaches and waterfalls.” – dtsnoopdol “A great experience for my family! The weather was foggy, but Captain Kirk knew where to go for splendid views. Definitely an unforgettable trip. I tend to get motion sick easily (I can’t ride in the back seat of a car), but the trip was surprisingly easier than I expected. I held the puke bag the whole time, but didn’t need it!” – Adrienne L “The views seen by way of helicopter are amazing, but with the doors off you can have an even bigger & clearer picture of the fantastic scenes below. Highly recommend.” – Paul S “Our. Pilot, Cameron, was excellent. He gave us great view of Maui and Molokai. Awesome waterfalls, deep valleys and to wring sea cliffs. We learned about the history and people of the islands as well. It was a birthday gift to my wife but we both enjoyed it” – Scott B “My only complaint is that the video of our flight did not download. Extremely disappointing. I would have used my cellphone more had I even thought the video would not load. Other than that the doors off experience is must” – PhillyHomeBoy Take a second to visit our tours page or call us directly at 808.877.7005 and let our dispatchers help you pick the perfect flight for you. We would be happy to answer any questions and put your mind at ease! We look forward to hearing from you!

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