Want to learn more about our Oceanfront Landing Tour? Our Oceanfront Helicopter Tour is approximately 75 minutes. You will take off from Kahului and fly over the West Maui mountains and coastline. Fly over Nakalele blowhole and then cross the Pailolo channel to Molokai’s north shore where you will see Halawa Valley, Wailau valley, and Papalaua falls. You will then fly back to Maui where you will at our private site on the North shore of Maui. Enjoy the beautiful views and take pictures before returning to Kahului! Nakalele Blowhole A blowhole is a rare natural occurrence where water pressure from waves creates a geyser of water that shoots up into the air. This happens every couple of minutes and, depending on the tides and surf, water can shoot up into the air over 50 feet at Nakalele Blowhole (which means you can see it from the air!) If you are close enough, you can feel the ground rumble and you will hear a blast as the water shoots into the air, but if you decide to take the hike out, remember to stay back as blowholes can be dangerous! Halawa Valley Halawa Valley is located on the island of Molokai on the east end. It is a beautiful, lush valley with lots of waterfalls. Halawa Valley is believed to be one of the earliest places settled in Hawaii, with native Hawaiians settling here as early as 650 AD. With fertile land and an abundance of fresh water, it was a perfect place to settle. in 1946 a tsunami destroyed many homes in the area and ruined the soil with saltwater, but the area has since recovered. Wailau Valley Wailau Valley is located on Molokai’s north shore and is backed by the tallest sea cliffs if the world. It can be seen by boat or helicopter but in inaccessible by land and nearly unpopulated. Wailau Valley was formed by stream erosion and the name means “many waters.” Papalaua Falls Papalaua Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state of Hawaii. Located deep in Papalaua Valley on the north side of Molokai, this waterfall cascades 1,700 feet. It is surrounded by beautiful green vegetation and is strongest during the rainy season from November-March. It is surrounded by Molokai’s famous sea cliffs, which are the tallest in the world. Interested in joining us for this amazing helicopter tour and Oceanfront Landing? Our landing tours are our most popular flights! Here is what some guests have to say about the experience: “Kelby was our pilot on our flight on an ocean front landing tour and it was AMAZING! It’s hard to express how beautiful the scenery is. Fantastic!” – JK “My husband and I visited Maui during our honeymoon and we did the West Maui & Molokai with Oceanfront Landing tour. It was such a fun experience!! Neither of us had ever done a helicopter tour before and this was more fun than I expected it to be!” – Hanna R “Air Maui was incredible! I proposed to my girlfriend during the West Maui & Molokai Ocean front landing tour and it was a smooth, seamless, and incredibly memorable experience. The staff was very helpful and informative from takeoff to landing, and our pilot Richie was fantastic. Thank you, Air Maui! We’ll be back.” – Matt B “Captain Kirk was our fabulous, experienced pilot. We went on the West Maui and Molokai with Oceanfront Landing tour which lasted 75 minutes. Excellent views, smooth ride, wonderful experience, and excellent commentary during our ride. We landed on private property with an amazing ocean view and had time for photos.” – Rider If you have any questions about this tour, or any of the other tours that we offer, please feel free to contact us at (808) 877-7005, or book any of our tours online!


Want to learn more about our Cliffside Landing Tour? The Cliffside Landing Tour is approximately 75 minutes long. You will take off from Kahului to the southeast rim of the Haleakala crater to see the summit of our dormant volcano crater, descend over Manawainui valley and then on to our private landing location in Kaupo. Enjoy the expansive views of Southeast Maui at the landing location for about 20 minutes where you can often see the Big Island of Hawaii in the distance on a clear day. Load back onto the helicopter and take off over lush Hana rainforest, Waihi’umalu Falls, over Hana town, the Koolau forest reserve along the north shore, Ho’okipa beach and back to the heliport. Haleakala Crater Haleakala Crater is one of the most beautiful locations on Maui. Its surreal, moon-like landscape is amazing to behold, especially when seen from the air. The brilliant colors of the sand and the unique cinder cone formations formed from more recent eruptions are an awe-inspiring sight not to be missed! Hana Hana is a small town separated from the rest of Maui by over 50 miles of winding coastal roads. The unspoiled beauty of Hana includes dense, lush rainforests with many waterfalls and some of the most beautiful beaches on Maui including red sands beach, black sands beach, and Hamoa beach. Waihi’umalu Falls Waihi’umalu Falls is a beautiful 400-foot overfall waterfall located in east Maui. It’s distance from the Road to Hana can make it difficult to see on foot but it is a sight to see from the air! Ho’okipa Beach While Ho’okipa Beach is not great for swimming, it is a dream for windsurfers! There are professional windsurfing competitions held here and visitors can enjoy watching pros with good conditions for windsurfing most days. Interested in joining us for this amazing helicopter tour and Cliffside Landing? It is one of our most popular tours! Here is what some guests have to say about the experience: “I have been on many Alaskan helicopter tours having worked in Shore Excursions on cruise ships. The Air Maui tour absolutely exceeded my expectations. We did the Haleakala tour with cliffside landing. Amazing to fly up and above the crater and get to see the moon scape without having to hike in! Very cool descent and island fly over with a great landing by the ocean. Was super surprised when we continued around the Hana side and up an amazing narrow canyon. Cameron our pilot was super. Very informative and Kim who handled our reservation was also great. Thanks so much.” – SNORKELALASKA “Haleakala with a cliffside landing and Hana with waterfalls. An absolutely spectacular flight. This is a must do early in the morning tour, as the clouds build very quickly on Haleakala. We had magnificent views of the crater itself, and then off to the south side for a landing were you get to explore some of the sea cliffs. The way back is along the coast past Hana, with incredible views of hidden waterfalls. Highly recommend! Air Maui is the best. Pilots and staff are all wonderful.” – mtfl2018 “I highly recommend the cliffside landing option through Air Maui. We had Cameron as our guide and he was outstanding! We were able to see incredible parts of Maui that you cannot see through traditional tours. This was the favorite part of our family vacation trip.” – Aron S If you have any questions about this tour, or any of the other tours that we offer, please feel free to contact us at (808) 877-7005, or book any of our tours online!


There are many amazing sights on all of Air Maui’s helicopter tours including the moon-like surface of Haleakala Crater, unbelievable waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, and lush rainforests. One of the most awe-inspiring sights to see from the air are the Molokai Sea Cliffs. Located on the remote island of Molokai, you cannot drive to see these sea cliffs, which are the tallest in the world, ranging between 3,600 and 3,900 feet above the ocean. Even if you could, you want to see this sight from the air, which is really the only way to take in the vast beauty of this amazing sight! Here are some more interesting facts about Molokai’s Sea Cliffs: If you would like to book our most popular flight, visit our website to learn more: There is a reason that our West Maui & Molokai flight is the most popular! The sights are absolutely breathtaking. And if you are looking for something a little more exhilarating, try our doors-off West Maui & Molokai flight! Here is what some guests have to say about the experience: “Air Maui Helicopter tours is a MUST do when visiting Maui. We did the West Maui/Molokai tour and I highly recommend it. Humpback Whales, 3,000 foot sea cliffs, 1,200 foot waterfalls, 360 degree rainbows (yes, 360!), the lepper colony, olivine pools, blowhole, etc, etc. It was stunningly beautiful!” – Mike B “Doors off a 5 passenger helicopter touring Molokai, Maui and the neighboring ocean. So close to 1,000 ft waterfalls you can feel the coolness of the spray. Climb into the clouds and then descend to some of the tallest sea cliffs on the planet. The perspective you get on the neighboring islands is unique and eye opening. Watching it all go by without doors or glass is something you will come back and do again.” – dbail22 “A must do for anyone visiting Maui. We could not go to the crater because of clouds, so we flew to the cliffs of Molokai and saw the tallest sea cliffs in the world! The views were breathtaking and the pilot was knowledgeable and very pleasant and professional.” – jamesjrich “Such an excellent time. Perfect part of the trip to see things you could not walk or drive to. Chief Pilot Richie was excellent. His commentary was on point and we felt very informed. My wife was not sure she wanted to do the helicopter ride. She said it was beautiful and amazing. She said his voice was calming and relaxing. We saw such amazing things. Highest Sea Cliffs and very Tall Waterfalls. Flying between the valleys was awesome.” – Kristhian P If you are interested in a helicopter tour with Air Maui, book online through our tours page or call us at (808) 877-7005 if you have any questions!


Businesses in Maui are open again and it is a great time to enjoy all of the great activities this beautiful island has to offer! Snorkeling, scuba diving, luaus, hiking, biking, sailing, ziplines, cruises, and, of course, helicopter tours are just some of the adventures waiting for you. Also, don’t forget, Air Maui Helicopter Tours are still offering a special re-opening discount for all flights booked by August 1, 2021! Keep reading to learn more some great activities to check out throughout Maui. Maui Surf Clinics Maui Surf Clinics offers surf lesson, sup lessons, and rentals. Their classes are great for beginners as well as experienced surfers looking to hone their skills. Their shop is located just steps from the beach. Check out their website to learn more or to book a session. Hike Maui Enjoy a hike to one of Maui’s most beautiful and iconic locations with a highly trained guide. With tours of rainforests, waterfalls, Hana, Haleakala or other exciting destinations, go to their website for more information or to book a tour now. Old Lāhainā Lū’au Enjoy an amazing ocean view while experiencing Hawaiian culture, storytelling, and feasting at Old Lāhainā Lū’au. A taste of everything will be delivered right to your table, including kālua pig roasted underground in an imu among hot stones. Check out their website for more information. Pi’iholo Ranch Adventures Pi’iholo Ranch Adventures offers exciting treetop canopy zipline experiences including side-by-side ziplines for ages 8 and up with 5,400 feet of zipline. Book now on their website! Sail Trilogy Enjoy an amazing tour on a beautiful sail boat. Choose from sunset sail, dinner sail, snorkeling, snuba, or whale watching tours with multiple destinations to choose from such as Molokini, Lana’i, and Olowalu. Go to their website to book now. Bike Maui Explore the volcanic landscapes of Haleakala with a guided or self-guided bike tour. You will cruise down the mountain on top-of-the-line Kona bikes. For more information or to book online, go to their website. Air Maui’s helicopter tours are the best way to see all of the island of Maui with a bird’s eye view! Many guests say that it is the best activity that they did while on Maui. Here is what some of our guests are saying about their experience: “I would highly recommend doing this while in Maui. It is well worth the price. The views are absolutely spectacular and there is nothing else like it on Earth. The hidden parts of the island you get to see are astonishing. It was the best activity I planned on my trip.” – AGH “Best Activity on the Island – Loved everything about this–pilot, sea side landing, sea cliffs, largest waterfall in the world, music… legit everything!” – tomjohn333 “Most amazing experience of our lives! Amazing views, great customer service, the perfect activity for couples! This was the best time we have ever had, hands down!” – tdoao “Of all the activities we have done on Maui this by far was the best!! Awesome staff in the office and on the ground. The pilot was so much fun and kept us informed on what we were seeing and what to expect. Hats off to Air Maui!! A true class act.” – Roland S “My family of 5 chose to go on the doors-off helicopter tour and it was amazing!! Voted the best activity that we did during our week in Maui. The sights are extremely beautiful and our pilot was great. We felt like we were in good hands:) I highly recommend using Air Maui for your helicopter tour!” – vanessawP5038ZI If you are interested in a helicopter tour with Air Maui, book online through our tours page or call us at (808) 877-7005 if you have any questions!


Our new location in Kauai is now open! Air Kauai provides the same great guest service, fun and friendly staff, professional pilots, and quality safety crews as Air Maui. If you have enjoyed the exploring the sights of Maui and Molokai with Air Maui you will also love the sights available on our Kauai tours. Since Kauai does not have a road that circles the entire island, the best and only way to see it all is from the air! Air Kauai uses the same ASTAR Helicopters, which are ideal for site-seeing, providing an unobstructed 180-degree view from every seat and a smooth and comfortable ride. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust that you are getting the best when you fly with us! Tours Air Kauai offers three great flight options. On our Amazing flight you will enjoy Hanapepe Valley, Manawaiopuna Falls (from Jurassic Park), and hover above the famous Waimea Canyon and see the rugged and beautify sea cliffs on the Na Pali Coast. Our Epic flight includes an additional 10 minutes of flight time, allowing you extra time to explore these beautiful sights. Our doors-off tour includes the same sights and length as our Epic tour with the added excitement and unimpeded views that come with riding a helicopter with its doors off! If you would like to learn more about these tours, please visit our website or contact us for more information. See Tours Here If you love Air Maui, you will love Air Kauai too! Here is what some guests have to say about the experience: “This is by far the best helicopter company on Maui. From the owner to the staff everyone cares about the guests. They have the best excursions available with very experienced pilots. THE very best way to see Maui and/or Molokai. I highly recommend them.” – Pioneer51008985061 “Best helicopter tour company around! We have already used them twice when we went on vacation to Hawaii… If you’re looking for the best helicopter tour this is the one!” – audramead “Air Maui is by far the best excursion we did on our trip. From the customer service to the actual flight, this company has it all right. We felt very safe and comfortable during our flight and this trip went beyond our expectations. Our pilot, Dylan, was very informative and friendly and made the trip that much better… We will do this again on our return visit next year. Thank you Air Maui!!” – Paul G “We recently traveled to Maui on vacation. We had previously used a different helicopter company and this time we decided to use Air Maui, and it was the best tour! We did the trip from Maui over to Molokai and it was absolutely incredible. The day we went was a clear day at the top of the mountains we were able to see all the waterfalls closer than you could ever imagine and flying over them. Absolutely incredible and I would highly recommend Air Maui to anyone looking for the best helicopter tour in Maui!” – Kim O If you are interested in booking a flight with our sister company, Air Kauai, you can book online at or call (808) 246-4666.


Air Maui Helicopter Tours will be re-opening in March of 2021! We have taken this time off to enjoy our families and our beautiful island and now we can’t wait to get back to our passion, sharing the wonders of Maui from the air with our guests! Hawaii is one of the safest places to come and travel with the new travel with aloha program and we are ready to serve you with our new COVID safety measures in place. We are offering special re-opening discounted rates for any future flights as long as you complete your booking by June 1, 2021. So, don’t wait, choose your tour now! If you are interested in learning more about Maui County travel requirements, you can check out their website here: We will be opening with all of our tours available. Each one is special and has something unique to offer. Check out their descriptions to determine which tour is right for you! Our guests enjoy top notch service from the time they book a tour. Our friendly and professional service will set you at ease and help create an experience that you will never forget! But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our guests have to say about their time with us: “We decided to take a 45 minute tour because we had time before we flew home. It was awesome! The views and thing you won’t see any other way are incredible! If you’re thinking about it, just do it! You will not regret it.” – Curiosity46881943720 “Our Pilot was entertaining and most importantly his flight skills were top notch! We loved getting to see a bit of Maui from the sky. Waterfalls, Mountains, Ocean and Rainbows… what more could we ask for? We would do it again, in a second. Thank you for a wonderful memory to take back home with us!” – amandapatterson2020 “This tour was so awesome!! Captain Kirk put all of us at ease with his soothing voice and great knowledge about the islands. I was terrified at first, but once we got going, the ride was so smooth, and the scenery SO AMAZING, that I forgot all about my fears and just enjoyed the ride.” – Dena F “Pilot Jim is a gem! He was, first and foremost, a real pro! He was also funny, fun, safety oriented, and reassuring to those with a bit of fear. Purchased the extra video / picture package and it captured the tour perfectly, much better than any pictures we took during the flight. Highly recommend this tour!!!!!” – hipmomfromChiTown If you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to talk to you. We are excited to be re-opening and can’t wait to fly with you! Call us at (808) 877-7005 to speak with one of our staff members or you can book any of our tours online!

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