Single Seat Special

Did you know that you can experience any of our amazing tours for just $100? That’s right! We offer a single seat special if you book a single seat on any of our tours with available seats within 48 hours of the flight. This is a great opportunity for solo travelers or those of you who live on island!
You can call us at (808) 877-7005 for availability, or follow us on twitter to get updates when seats are available at

Helicopter Tour Maui Special Deal

Here are some of the great tours we offer that you can experience for just $100!

Complete Island Tour

Air Maui’s Complete Island Tour is a great way to see experience the island of Maui in a way unlike any other. You will get to see Haleakala Crater and the other amazing sights of east Maui, as well as the beautiful valleys and ridges of the West Maui Mountains. This tour gives you a really unique perspective of Maui and is a great tour for those who live on Maui and would like to explore this beautiful island from the air or travelers who have just arrived and would like to get acquainted with the island.

Maui Complete Island Tour Deal

Maui Molokai Tour Deal

West Maui & Molokai Tour

The West Maui & Molokai Tour is an amazing way to see the beauty of the West Maui as well as the gorgeous sea cliffs and awe inspiring waterfalls of Molokai. If you are looking for a chance to learn more about the fascinating history and landscape of Molokai, this is the flight for you. Many of the views you will see are not accessible from land, including waterfalls over 1,000 feet and the tallest sea cliffs in the world. This is a tour you can’t miss!

Hana/Haleakala Tour

See the contrasts of East Maui on this amazing tour. Haleakala’s moonlike terrain is beautiful to see from above, with its cinder cone formations of red and orange. The gorgeous rainforests of Hana, on the windward side of Haleakala, are lush and green, flowing with beautiful waterfalls. Avoid the drives to these two tourist hotspots and enjoy them from the air!

Hana Haleakala Tour Deal

Below are some comments from our guests who have taken advantage of this spectacular deal. If you aren’t convinced, read what they have to say about the experience!

“Can't go wrong with their single seat promotion of $100.00 I did the West Maui and Molokai tour. Check in was quick and easy, staff was very polite and professional. The pilot was knowledgeable and very friendly. If you can spare the time and money and if you don't get motion sick then go for it!” - John J

“From the moment I called Air Maui and had Cat help me out & walk me through the process, I knew I was in good hands and made the right choice. Ground staff was thorough but also made it fun! Super cool pilot Troy took us into some beautiful spots in the West Maui Mountains and on Molokai! His playlist was awesome, too!!!! GREAT JOB AIR MAUI!!! If you are a solo traveler like I am check inquire about single seat deals - a huge savings.” - LangleyTravelGirl

“The helicopter ride was amazing. The pilot was friendly and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed flying up to Haleakala summit as well as flying under the clouds around the West Maui Mountains. I was travelling as a single. Air Maui offered a $100.00 special for single riders. My only regret is that I didn't call when I arrived on Maui as I would have definitely taken more trips at $100 each.” - Suzette S

“I can't express how incredible my Air Maui helicopter tour was (this one was the West Maui-Molokai tour, rather than the Haleakala tour, which I'm sure is also amazing). The pilot, Dylan, did a great job explaining what we were seeing, had the perfect music accompanying the flight (when traveling over the Pacific or looking down at the 1400 foot waterfall on Molokai), and was incredibly safe and skilled at flying. To top it off, I was a solo traveler, and booked a flight at the last minute via the Air Maui website (with one quick phone call) for only $100, which was the best $100 I've ever spent. I highly recommend this company specifically for your helicopter tour. And YOU MUST DO A HELICOPTER TOUR WHILE ON MAUI.” - Scott H

Air Maui Single Seat Special

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