Air Maui Helicopter Tour Blog

  • Maui Father’s Day 2018

    Unique Father’s Day Gift

    Wondering what to get for the dad who has everything? Consider a flight with Air Maui helicopter tours. We have a huge selection of amazing flights that … more

  • Maui Mother’s Day 2018

    Mother’s Day Gift

    If you don’t know what to get for your mom this Mother’s Day, look no further! A flight with Air Maui Helicopter Tours is a great gift for any mom. … more

  • Safe Maui Helicopter Tours!

    Air Maui Takes Safety Seriously

    Here at Air Maui, safety is paramount. We use the safest helicopters, hire experienced mechanics and pilots, and we never cut any corners when it comes to … more

  • Saint Patrick’s Day Maui 2018

    Maui is a great place to be for any holiday! If you are planning on being in Maui for Saint Patrick’s Day 2018, check out the events going below. We also have a few Irish … more

  • Romantic Maui Helicopter Tour

    If you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, look no further! Air Maui’s Helicopter Tours are the perfect romantic gift for guys or girls! … more

  • Maui Christmas 2017

    Maui is a wonderful place to spend the holiday season and a great escape from the cold weather! Enjoy a holiday Luau, take advantage of a spectacular holiday cruise, enjoy the holiday … more

  • Thanksgiving in Maui

    If you live in Maui or you are just visiting for the Thanksgiving season there are lots of great places to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Why cook (or do dishes!) when you can … more

  • Halloween in Maui

    If you are planning on being in Maui for Halloween there are lots of fun activities for both adults and kids alike! In fact, Lahaina boasts the biggest Halloween celebration in all of … more

  • Air Maui’s Guide to Best Maui Massage

    Maui is a great place for adventure as well as rejuvenation and relaxation. Go on a helicopter ride, take a hike, go zip lining, or explore the open seas on a boat if you are looking for … more

  • Air Maui’s Oceanfront Helicopter Landing Tour

    Want to learn more about our Oceanfront Landing Tour?

    Air Maui’s Oceanfront Helicopter Landing and Tour is a beautiful, one of a kind experience. Keep reading to learn more … more