Amazing experience!

April 19, 2015

We flew April 18, 2015..... I was a very nervous flyer, panic attack/tight spaces, no escape kinda person...Not so much the motion sickness kind...I did take an Lorazepam before getting on board...RESULT??? I would fly again tomorrow and the day after and so and so on! The crew (ground crew and pilot) were professional throughout!! Troy was our Pilot, great guy, just the right amount of humor, relaxed me enough but still felt he was taking his job seriously :) I was sat beside the window, which I was very nervous about but it was the best seat! I felt secure and comfortable. There was enough metal around me still to feel that sense of security , while still LOTS of window space for viewing...Troy took the time to ask a few times throughout the trip, if everyone was doing okay...Nice to know he was concerned :) The trip itself was fantastic; you don’t get the sense of speed when you are up there. At one point he mentioned we were doing about 130 miles per felt more like 30!!! The views are top notch!! Waterfalls, cliff's rocky ocean fronts, the sort of thing you can only see by air. My only disappointment, no whale was spotted, but it's getting late in the season so I really wasn't expecting to see one on this trip. Next time! This is out third trip to Maui, our 1st heli tour, and we plan on coming back and doing this again, Thanks AIR MAUI.... A highlight of our trip, without a doubt!

- deborahb62


April 17, 2015

I have been on many helicopters for transportation to and from work and I can truthfully say the female pilot we had was probably the best helicopter pilot I have flown with. She made sure that no one missed a thing by what she called sharing the view and with her exceptional narration. The 45 minute tour had my wife and I captivated the whole time and the views were incredible. It is truly a treat to see parts of the islands that have had little to no human influence upon them. Kudos to our female pilot and Air Maui. Thank you for an incredible experience.

- Kilroyaswell


April 16, 2015

Was awesome. Customer service was exceptional and as for the flight, didn't want it to end...would do another tour if I am back again

- lisajg2015

Fantastic experience

April 16, 2015

Upon arrival, the office staff was really welcoming and made the kids really relaxed. It was a very windy day, and we were surprised the flights were still going ahead. They did offer us the choice to book for two days later, but we decided to go ahead with the 65 minute tour. Our daughter was nervous about the trip. They explained everything very clearly. When we got into the helicopter the pilot (Mike) was again brilliant with making everyone feel safe. His handling was fantastic in those conditions. One would never know it was blowing a smoker outside. His knowledge of the sights and the tour was excellent and kept it interesting for the full hour. One other big compliment was that at every major site he stopped at, he rotated the helicopter so everyone saw an equal view. It didn't matter which seat one sat in, everyone got equal visibility. I had been in one of the other helicopter company’s tours a few years previous, sat in the same rear middle seat and did not get anywhere near the same views or equal visibility as I did with Mike on this flight. One final touch, he asked us which hotel we were staying at and he flew over it so we could get an aerial view. I will definitely fly with Air Maui again next time I visit Maui on one of their other tours. Our kids had a fantastic time and I cannot praise the staff enough, especially the pilot Mike... Thanks folks!!

- Niall L


April 15, 2015

Strongly recommended :) Especially if you don't have much time to cover the whole island. Excellent staff and pilot!

- Khaled A

So much more than I expected!

April 14, 2015

This was an absolutely amazing trip! From the moment you step out onto the loading area, the adrenaline starts to hit. When the helicopter left the ground, I think I might have screamed a bit with excitement. =) The pilot was very knowledgeable about the islands and even had a preset sound track of music that played into our headphones. It was a really nice mix. A little something for everyone. The pilot also did a very good job of flying near the sights from different angles to give everyone in the chopper a chance to get a great view of the spectacular waterfalls and the pristine lands that are basically untouched by man. I was incredibly impressed by this trip and feel it was well worth the money! Thank you Air Maui for an amazingly romantic and fun flight!

- VM

Wonderful Way to see Maui

April 12, 2015

It was our first experience in a helicopter and the Air Maui team made it great. We did a circle island tour and saw east/south Maui and the crater and then bits of the road to Hana as well as the west side. Our pilot Janette was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. They also were great with kids. We brought our 2 and 4 year old daughters and they were very accommodating.

- travellingplusone

April 10, 2015

This was amazing. I highly recommend doing a helicopter tour, especially early in your trip. Our pilot gave us a ton of information about sights to see on the island. I learned things I hadn't discovered yet, plus you get to see things up close that you would never see otherwise, like the wall of tears (my favorite!) The pilot made sure to turn the helicopter for all passengers to get a good view and was patient with picture taking and answering questions. This was a family owned business and our pilot had been flying for 32+ years, so she really knew her stuff. DO IT! Well worth the $$.

- Mandi S.

Amazing experience!!!

April 8, 2015

We were running late to our departure time and the staff at Air Maui was super accommodating and waited for our group of 5 and we were able to get on our way for our 45 minute tour of West Maui/Molokai. It is expensive however, as compared to some other helicopter tour we've been on in the past in other part of the states, it was well worth the money. The scenery is absolutely breath-taking and our pilot Janette was very knowledgeable and turned the helicopter and made sure that all of us got to see each of the sights. She also pointed out some whale sightings while we were over the ocean which was very cool and unexpected. I did get a bit light headed and felt the motion-sickness a bit on a part of the tour where we were doing lots of turns and looking down to look for whales- so if you're someone that get car sick, sea sick easily be prepared. Otherwise, the take-off and landing was all very smooth and nothing to feel nervous about!

- Elizbyj

West Maui & Molokai Tour

April 2, 2015

Check another event off the "Bucket List". This was our first time in a helicopter. I know my wife was nervous at first, but minutes later she was enjoying the ride. The view was spectacular and the ride was very comfortable. Our pilot (Janette) had 32 years’ experience and was very knowledgeable of the history of the islands. I just want to say that the ground crew and Janette were very friendly and professional. The reception area was clean and organized, the helicopter was well maintained. By far, this was one of the highlights of our two week trip. Overall, I give Air Maui a 6. Kudos to the folks at Air Maui.

- PaulLaBelle2015