Great trip!

July 14, 2016

My family of 3 (including our 6 year old) had a great trip with Air Maui. We did the 'East' tour and saw amazing sites! The helicopter itself was air conditioned and our pilot was considerate with the sites and guided tour. It was a GREAT way to see paradise!

- Bascomb32

West Island tour

July 12, 2016

Our pilot was very friendly and gave a great narrative as we toured the island. Got to see Molokai as well. Beautiful cliffs and green valleys the stuff dreams of heaven are made of. The ride was very smooth. It's a great way to see everything.

- vacationalot2010

Great sights, excellent guide

July 9, 2016

Our family (3 of us, with a 10-year old son) took the West Maui tour that takes you to Molokai. This helicopter ride was the highlight of our trip. We had driven around Maui a few days before, and we were able to see many of the sights we visited by air. So cool. Then we went over to Molokai to see the amazing cliffs and crazy tall waterfalls. Even the little off-grid settlement that's over there. It was amazing, and our guide was really informative. We learned a lot about Hawaii & Maui on that trip just from listening to him. He was super friendly, checking in with everyone on the trip to make sure they got to see everything. Turning the helicopter around to ensure each side could see the view. My husband and son couldn't stop smiling, and neither could I.

- travelatot

July 7, 2016

This was one of the highlights of our trip! The view from above, you can't top it! The pilot Dylan was delightful with the description and for most of the ride it was smooth sailing. Customer service of the attendants at the office/lobby was spectacular - thank you for listening to my concerns and addressing them. Appreciate the entire crew at Air Maui - we will be back!!!

- Caroline K.

Just awesome

July 7, 2016

I took my nine yr old son to Maui for summer break and we took a tour of West Maui and Molokai. I had done this tour with another company about ten years ago and we landed on Molokai for lunch, which we didn't do on this trip. However, the views were amazing, the pilot was great and the music we had piped through our headphones was seemingly choreographed perfectly with our views. For example, as we flew into west Maui, somewhere over the rainbow began and within seconds a full rainbow appeared and the pilot flew us in and around it...beautiful!! We got a great picture, a poster and a full copy of the video which was high def and I loved the trip. Thank you, Air Maui!

- Jon H


July 7, 2016

My husband and I were in Maui 3 years ago and did the Molokai tour with Air Maui, it was worth every penny. This year we brought the kids to Maui with us and booked the Haleakala with Cliff Side landing tour. It was the highlight of our amazing!

- Jen2328


July 7, 2016

1 of the best experiences of my life...better than a DREAM. Would love to do it again during whale season too.

- Brijesh D

Highlight of our Trip to Maui

July 3, 2016

Very well organized, I felt we got our money’s worth! It was a beautiful trip on a lovely clear day with the pilot providing very useful information during the trip. The best part was the music which was played during the visit to the falls - as if we were one with the falls!

- denyse162

Great experience and great guide!

July 2, 2016

Great experience and great guide! Was very informational and we learned a lot about the island! Left us wanting more!

- Kellie N

Glimpsing heaven

July 1, 2016

What a wonderful trip we had with Troy! Although I tend to have a fear of flying, this was one of the most enjoyable flights I have ever been on. Troy was very calming he spoke just the right amount, not too much talking like a Disney tour guide but was informative in the perfect way. He had relaxing music playing (John Mayer and Dave Matthews) and was an overall awesome host. Some of these waterfalls you would never ever get to see on foot but from the helicopter you could get very close. It was like getting a glimpse of heaven. At one point it brought me to tears. Thank you Air Maui.

- marylD9060TX